Kleine Rittergasse 14-20
60594 Frankfurt am Main

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On our „No compromise“ tour 2024 we have a great honor to rock the stage in the legendary Elfer Music Club in Frankfurt am Main.
We’re gonna rock the old stuff from the first album „Bite down hard“ and the new ones from „No compromise“ which is released on 22. December 2023 from „Eonian records“ USA

Doors: 18:30h
Start: 19h

Our special guests of the evening are the great rocking brothers from „Spyfly&The Deaf Dudes“

Bulletproof is a rock band from Serbia, founded in 2019. that is currently based in
Germany. Led by guitarist Nemanja Stojanovic, This is a true power trio, with bass, guitar, drums, and vocals crafting the perfect combination of melody and energy. Bass
player Danko Stojanovic also brings a roaring thump to the low end, while drummer
Przemyslaw “Premi” Kotyl rounds the line-up with a massive flow and a steady
groove. The chemistry between the band members is genuinely remarkable. They
know how to give each other space when needed and how to come together to create
something compelling. The result is a sound that is tight, precise, and filled with
energy. The band’s sound captures the raw fire and unbridled energy of authentic rock
and roll. With thunderous riffs and blistering solos, their guitars build a massive wall
of sound with a classic tone that pays homage to the genre’s roots. The band’s music
is a visceral experience, a high-octane journey that pulsates with attitude and vibe. Still, as mentioned earlier, there is also room for melody and memorable hooks. From
the pounding rhythm section to the searing vocal tones, Bulletproof nails the
dynamics that any rock band should aspire to! The band’s first album from 2021, “Bite Down Hard,” is a truly one-of-a-kind piece of music that sets the bar higher by
giving people energetic performances inspired by the golden age of hard rock. Still, this album’s not just about nostalgia for the great rock tones of yesteryear. The band is
all about bringing a breath of fresh air to the music, and they do so by igniting their
songs with a spark of enthusiasm and excitement. There is a certain urgency to
Bulletproof’s sound only found in bands that are truly passionate about what they do. Bulletproof is a must-listen for fans of Guns N’ Roses, Cinderella, Van Halen, Krokus, and Airbourne. To conclude, keeping the spirit of great rock music alive in 2023
demands passion, authenticity, and a refusal to conform. Bands must embrace
innovation while honoring the genre’s roots: this is exactly what you will find with
Bulletproof. Do not miss out on the band’s most recent album, released via US label
Eonian Records! Audiences can expect nothing short of rock and roll ferocity and
intensity from Bulletproof’s “No compromise” album, released on 22. December 2023.
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Im März 2020 gründet der
Frankfurter Gitarrist Fred Hauschild die neue Pure Hard Rock‘n‘Roll Veteranen
Mit an Bord sind Peter Fresenius aus Kassel am Schlagzeug, Gejor DM aus Cali
Kolumbien am Bass und Manfred Lang aus Koblenz am Gesang. Die Band spielt
ausschließlich eigenes Song Material im Stil der britischen Hard & Heavy Bands
der späten 70er und frühen 80 er Jahre.
Nach einigen Live Konzerten vor Publikum sowie Streaming Live Gigs u.a. im
BETT, bei Newcomer TV und den SoundHouse Studios veröffentlichten SFDD im
Sommer 2022 Ihr selbstbetiteltes 12-Track Debüt Album als CD und in einer 10
Track Version online auf Bandcamp.
Live ziehen Spyfly and The Deaf Dudes ihr Publikum mit leidenschaftlicher
Spielfreude und durch druckvolle ausgefeilte Rock Arrangements in Ihren Bann.
Nicht verpassen!

Homepage: backstagepro.de/sfdd-ffm


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