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Latin American Invasion: Chilean Death & Black Metal bands Soulburner and Hellgarden tour Germany! Local supports join the frenzy.

� Latin American Invasion: Unleashing Chilean Darkness in Germany! �
Prepare for an unrelenting assault as Chile’s infernal Death and Black Metal bands, Soulburner and Hellgarden, embark on their first-ever tour to Germany, joining forces with local supports in each city for an unforgettable metal extravaganza!
� Soulburner – Incinerating Souls with Unholy Fury �
Witness the mastery of black arts with scorching riffs and relentless drumming. Brace for an inferno of sound that defies mortal existence.
� Hellgarden – Where Hell’s Thorns Blossom �
Experience haunting melodies and diabolical growls in a nightmarish soundscape. Prepare for an unholy communion with darkness.
� From Chilean Soil to German Shores �
Join the Latin American Invasion! Secure your spot for this historic event and immerse in the spirit of Chilean metal in Germany, along with the stellar performances of local supporting acts in each city.
� Tour Dates:
19/10/23 Frankfurt, @Elfer Club
20/10/23 Mainz, @M8 – Club
21/10/23 Cologne, @MTC
24/10/23 Hamburg, @Logo
26/10/23 Erfurt, @From Hell
27/10/23 TBA
28/10/23 Berlin, @Linse
Don’t miss the unholy union of Death and Black Metal as Soulburner and Hellgarden, alongside the crushing power of local talents, unite under metal’s darkest forces!
m/ Hail the Chilean Death and Black Metal Horde! m/

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